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Powder Coat Painting


Sand Blast


Services offered to Businesses and Individuals

Powder Coat Painting

The Powder Coat Painting process requires necessary preparatory steps which contributes to both the paint finish and the durability of adhesion. 


Depending on the area that needs to be painted, first we decide on the appropriate approach. A metal part that has not been thoroughly cleansed increases the possibility of having finish defects. As a result, every component is cleaned in our industrial washer. Each metal piece will then be heated and individually hung to allow the surfaces to properly release gas. Applying a coat of zinc-based primer to steel parts suited for outdoor use is highly advised as it will increase the product's durability.


Once the preparation is complete, the powder coat paint is applied using an electrostatic-charged spray gun. This allows the paint to adhere to the part due to magnetic field created. This method allows the paint to be applied evenly. The paint is then dried by baking it in our oven set at a high temperature. The result will be a magnificent quality finish!

Couleurs Cameleon offers you a wide variety

At Couleurs Cameleon, we offer you a wide choice of colors, finishes, textures, as well as special effect colors: antique, fluorescent, holographic, metallic, and others as needed. Thanks to our suppliers, several colors are available: RAL chart, metallic, textured, glossy, semi-gloss, matte, etc.


*Please note that the color visible on screen on printed may differ from the actual color*

Sand Blast

When is sandblasting necessary?

Any metal parts that have been coated or previously altered requires sandblasting. This procedure will improve paint adherence to raw materials.

To prepare the parts properly 

Sandblasting and glass beading is a service we provide. Parts measuring up to 2 x 3 x 6 feet can be placed inside our sand blasters. For larger parts, we subcontract them to our partners.

Services for Businesses and Individuals

For a durable and resistant finish

Our services offered are ideal for businesses and individuals who wish to obtain a durable and resistant finish for their products. Powder coat paintingamong other things, allows you to paint complex parts evenly, providing a commercial quality finish with great adhesion.

Our clientele comes from a variety of sectors 

Commercial, industrial, agricultural, medical, and telecommunications sectors, among others. A metal part which does not contain any materials that can be melted at a high temperature can be painted with powder paint.

For other manufacturing services (concept, machining, manufacturing, etc.) we can also serve you through our mother company, PONTESERVICE

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